Articulated Deer Hair Diver | Tying With The Pros - E13

Tying With The Pros was developed to help you gain a deep understanding of the top Musky & Predator fly patterns, tying techniques, tips, tricks & thought processes of some of the best fly anglers & tyers in the world. 

Episode 13 - Articulated Baitfish Diver, Tied by Pat Cohen

On Episode 13, Pat Cohen joins us for the season finale of Tying With The Pros. Pat is well known as the most innovative deer hair tyer in our craft & he shares all on tying an articulated baitfish version of the Dahlberg Diver. Whether you're just getting started with deer hair or are already an advanced tyer, you won't want to miss this one!

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Hardware - Kona BGC Big Game Carnivore Ahrex TP610, etc. (Size #2 Rear, Size #1 Front)

Thread - Danville Flymaster+ & Veevus 200 GSP

Tail - Cohen's Minnow Tail (Small)

Tail Support - Chocklett's Filler Flash

X-Select Marabou

Body/Head - Select Belly Hair

Eyes - Fish Skull Living Eyes

Articulation - Articulation Wire & Hareline 3D Bead

Keel Weight - 3/16" Tungsten Bead

Adhesive/UV - Loon Water Based Head Cement (for stacks), Liquid Fusion (for coating), Zap-a-Gap, etc.

Tools - Fugly Packer, MN Fly Tool w/ PackerLoon Ergo Hair Packer, Curved Scissors & Double Edge Razor Blades

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