Deer Hair Fido | Tying With The Pros - E12

Episode 12 - Deer Hair Fido, Tied by Ricky Evans 

On Episode 12, Ricky Evans shares all on how to tie & fish Musky Town's Deer Hair Fido. Based on the well-known Zara Spook lure, this unique "walk the dog" topwater pattern first made its way into the fly fishing community thanks to Jeff Creamer. Ricky ties more of these than anyone else in our craft, so if you like to tie & fish topwater deer bugs, this episode is a must-watch. 


Shank - 80mm Big Game Shank

Thread - Veevus 200 Denier GSP

Body - Select Belly Hair

Hook - 3/0 Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH) or Gamakatsu Octopus

Eyes - 8.5 MM Fish Skull Living Eyes

Adhesive/UV - Loctite Ultra Gel, Liquid Fusion, Loon Water Based Head CementHard As Hull, Loon UV Thin, Solarez, Loon Infiniti Light, E6000, etc.

Bead(s) - 3/16" Tungsten

Tools - Fugly Packer, MN Fly Tool w/ PackerLoon Ergo Hair Packer, Curved Scissors, Cautery Tool, Large Sewing Needle or Leg Puller, Double Edge Razor Blades

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