The Feather Game Changer | Tying With The Pros - E9

Episode 9 - The Feather Game Changer, Tied by Morgan Eddy 

On Episode 9, Morgan Eddy (@va_muddler) shares how to tie & fish his Express version of Blane Chocklett's Feather Game Changer. Whether you're targeting Smallies, Musky or another predator species, this episode is packed with more high level tying & fishing intel to help you be more successful at the vise & on the water. Learn how to tie the feather game changer and get the materials list below.


Hardware - Rear #8 Ahrex NS172, to 15mm shank, to 20mm shank, to front #2 Ahrex SA274

26# Camo Articulation Wire

Thread - 100 Denier Veevus GSP

Support Flash - Chocklett's Filler Flash or Translucent Ice Chenille

Feathers - Whiting American Rooster or 4B Hen Saddles

Eyes - Fish Skull Living Eyes

Adhesive/UV - Hard As Hull, Loon UV Thin, Solarez, Loon Infiniti Light, etc.

Tying With The Pros was developed to help you gain a deep understanding of the top Musky & Predator fly patterns, tying techniques, tips, tricks & thought processes of some of the best fly anglers & tyers in the world.