The River Pig | Tying With The Pros - E1

Episode 1 - The River Pig, Tied by Adam Kornuth

Tying With The Pros was developed to help you gain a deep understanding of the top Musky & Predator fly patterns, tying techniques, tips, tricks & thought processes of some of the best fly anglers & tyers in the world.

On the first episode of Tying With The Pros, Musky Town owner Adam Kornuth (@akflies) ties the River Pig and shares everything that goes into how to tie one of his favorite patterns in Musky & Predator Fly Fishing.


Hook - Gamakatsu 60 Degree Jig Hook (Size 4/0 or 5/0)

Thread - Danville Flymaster+ (210 Denier), Veevus Power Thread, etc.

Bucktail - Musky Town TailsHareline Graded Tails, or Midwest Bucktails

Feathers - Whiting 6 to 10" Schlappen, Strung SchlappenSaddles, etc.

Flash - Polarflash, Lateral Scale, Holographic Flashabou, Barred Flashabou, etc.

Eyes - Hareline Pseudo Eyes (XL), Double Pupil Eyes, etc.

Marabou - Hareline Extra Select Marabou

Adhesive - Hard As Hull, Loon UV Thin, Solarez, Loon Infiniti Light, etc.