The Smoker | Tying With The Pros - E3

Episode 3 - The Smoker, Tied by John Cooper

On episode 3, under the radar Musky fly fishing guru John Cooper does a deep dive on how to tie & fish the Smoker, an articulated, rabbit strip-tailed pattern/platform proven to catch giants all over North America. Watch the first ever tutorial now (and scope the materials list below)! 


Hook - 4/0 Kona Big Game Carnivore (BGC) or Ahrex PR330

Thread - Danville Flymaster+ (210 Denier), Veevus Power Thread, etc.

Bucktail - Musky Town TailsHareline Graded Tails, or Midwest Bucktails

Tail - Rabbit Strips (Regular, Barred, Tiger Barred, etc.)

Pectoral Fins - Saddle Feathers

Flash - Polarflash, Lateral Scale, Holographic Flashabou, Barred Flashabou, etc.

Adhesive/UV - Hard As Hull, Loon UV Thin, Solarez, Loon Infiniti Light, etc.

Additional Tools - Cohen's Sculpting or Dr. Slick Curved Scissors, MN Fly Tool, Protojawn

Tying With The Pros was developed to help you gain a deep understanding of the top Musky & Predator fly patterns, tying techniques, tips, tricks & thought processes of some of the best fly anglers & tyers in the world.