The Yard Sale | Tying With The Pros - E5

Episode 5 - The Yard Sale, Tied by Matt Grajewski

On one of our favorite episodes yet, Matt Grajewski breaks down how to tie & fish the Yard Sale. Part tying tutorial, part high-level strategy session, Matt & Adam can't help themselves but dive down the rabbit hole on everything from how to be successful searching new waters, to nuanced tactics for different types of fisheries & how to translate time at the vise to increased efficiency while fishing. This session is a must watch for any Musky fly angler!


Hooks - Gamakatsu Spinner Bait, Kona BGC, or Ahrex PR330 (6/0 front, 5/0 rear...smaller for other species)

Thread - Danville Flymaster+ (210 Denier), Veevus Power Thread, etc.

Bucktail - Musky Town TailsHareline Graded Tails, or Midwest Bucktails

Fly Rattles

Tail - American Rooster Saddles

Body - Flash n' Slinky

Wing - Extra Select Craft Fur

Additional Flash - Polarflash, Lateral Scale, Holographic Flashabou, Barred Flashabou, etc.

Articulation - Articulation Wire & Beads

Head - Laser Dub or Bruiser Blend

Eyes - Fish Skull Living Eyes (10 mm)

Adhesive/UV - Hard As Hull, Loctite Ultra GelLoon UV Thin, Solarez, Loon Infiniti Light, etc.

Additional Tools - Stonfo Comb Brush Tool

Tying With The Pros was developed to help you gain a deep understanding of the top Musky & Predator fly patterns, tying techniques, tips, tricks & thought processes of some of the best fly anglers & tyers in the world.