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Many fly anglers cut their teeth fly fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. These species eat flies readily, are ferocious fighters for catch and release fly rod angling, and they’re found throughout North America. 

Bass on the Fly present a great opportunity for quality time on the water for new and experienced fly rod anglers alike. Musky Town is proud to be your one stop shop for bass fly fishing with our curated collection of the best bass flies and dedicated bass fly gear.

22 products found in Bass

Tie-Fast Combo Tool
  • $18.95
Better Than You Found It Bag
  • $16.95
SA Boat Box
  • From $39.95
SA Dacron Backing
  • From $9.95
SA Absolute Fluorocarbon Tippet
  • $16.95
SA Absolute Fluoro Shock
  • From $24.95
StowCase for 80" StowMaster Bass Net
  • $28.00
RS Nets Kelly's Island Net
  • $222.99
RS Nets Green Bay Net
  • $199.99

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Cliff's Bugger Beast™ Fly Box
  • $53.50
Cliff's The Float Patch™
  • $15.70
MT Musky Boat Box
  • $65.00
SA Absolute Fluorocarbon Saltwater Tippet
  • $16.95
Tie-Fast Knot Tyer
  • $9.95
Tie-Fast Line Clipper
  • $9.95
SA Tailout Hook File
  • $10.95
SA Tailout Nipper Standard
  • $9.95
SA Regulator Spool
  • $29.95
Cliff's Bugger Barn™ Fly Box
  • $27.75
MT Northern Pike Boat Box
  • $65.00
MT Smallie Boat Box
  • $65.00