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Engineered for Success.

Multiple lifetimes of fly fishing expertise have gone into our dedicated collection of Esox flies and fly gear. Whether you’re hunting trophy Musky or Northern Pike with a fly rod, set yourself up for success with the best tools for the job.

10 products found in Esox

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"Lucky Baker's Half Dozen" 7-Fly Musky Assortments
  • $155.00

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Musky Town 3-Fly Musky Starter Pack
  • From $60.00
SA Boat Box
  • From $39.95

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Cliff's Bugger Beast™ Fly Box
  • $53.50
Cliff's The Float Patch™
  • $15.70
MT Musky Boat Box
  • $65.00
Cliff's Bugger Barn™ Fly Box
  • $27.75
MT Northern Pike Boat Box
  • $65.00
MT Smallie Boat Box
  • $65.00
Musky Town Fly Club™
  • From $30.00