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Wherever life’s adventures (and vacations) take you… whether that’s down South for Redfish or Snook, the Bahamas for Bonefish, Belize for Permit, Costa Rica for Tarpon, The Seychelles or Australia for Giant Trevally, and beyond… make sure you have the flies you need to make lifelong memories on your next flats trip!

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Cliff's The Float Patch™
  • $15.70

Sold out

Cliff's Bugger Beast™ Fly Box
  • $53.50
Cliff's Bugger Barn™ Fly Box
  • $27.75
MT Smallie Boat Box
  • $65.00
Flats Town Bonefish Boat Box
  • $65.00
Flats Town Redfish Boat Box
  • $65.00
Flats Town Permit Boat Box
  • $65.00
Flats Town Tarpon Boat Box
  • $65.00