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Shop our dedicated selection of striper flies and fly gear. Proven fly fishing for striped bass all over the United States... throughout Southern Maine, coastal New Hampshire, Mass, the Chesapeake Bay, Georgia reservoirs, the California Delta, and numerous striper fisheries all over the country. 

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MT Musky Boat Box
  • $65.00
SA Boat Box
  • From $39.95
MT Smallie Boat Box
  • $65.00
Flats Town Bonefish Boat Box
  • $65.00
MT Northern Pike Boat Box
  • $65.00
Cliff's Bugger Barn™ Fly Box
  • $27.75
Cliff's The Float Patch™
  • $15.70

Sold out

Cliff's Bugger Beast™ Fly Box
  • $53.50